You make me fall in love with myself

I can tell you the exact moment when I fell in love with you. Remember the time when I was completely shattered, broken, lost and confused by the neverending struggles of life, those hopeless nights, those nightmares and no one absolutely no one would understand, stay, help, hear and care. I put everyone away and… Continue reading You make me fall in love with myself

You are right on your time

So you feel sad and you want to know how to be happy? Well happiness is a byproduct of peace. Find peace within yourself and you will be happy. Have absolutely no expectations from anyone or anything not even yourself. Embrace yourself as a human. You are bound to make mistakes and fail. Learn to… Continue reading You are right on your time

You are a success

Give yourself a well-deserved medal. Actually, you deserve more than one. You can have one for persistence, another for endurance and one more for patience in the face of adversity. You've certainly been through a lot. You might not feel as if you've handled the stress particularly well, but you're not in the right place… Continue reading You are a success

She will keep flowing

Neither she is the moon nor the stars that'll reflect your light. She's water that appears still on the surface but has a lot going on within. Water that appears tranquil and easily adjustable has the potential to create a havoc in your life if you don't take it seriously. Water that out of love… Continue reading She will keep flowing

Lost and found

It's already late to embark on a new journey and things in place are turning into a mess Work in progress have gone haywire. Oh the wanderer is lost in the fog now all seems fading away The path is dark all around No hand, no eyes surround Maybe the light of the stars Couldn't… Continue reading Lost and found

My first baby

Hello people, Firstly happy Holi and world poetry day. The onset of spring celebrates my birthday as well so today is a special day to disclose my baby. It's better to do something than wait for the perfect time because there's no right time and nothing is perfect. Keeping that in mind I have published… Continue reading My first baby


Have faith in yourself. You have come so far. You have survived so much. You can overcome this. You can surpass this. You can change your time. You are still breathing. You are alive. You are doing your best. You are doing well now. You will sail through tomorrow.