Real is precious.

Because real is rare and precious!

Happy Valentine’s day!


One day your love will find you

One day you will meet someone who will not just listen to your words, but also your silence, who will not just touch your skin, but your heart, who will look into your eyes and fill the gaps between your fingers, who will paint your scars with colours of poetry and turn you into an art, one day someone will love you just the way you deserve and that day, everything will make sense.

Are you in a love fantasy?

There’s something beautiful in a fairytale romance but fantasy is often not real. And that which is not real can never be love!

Don’t jump into relationships just because  you are lonely and single, broken and sad, you love the idea of being in love or someone is addictive. Love is never an addiction. Don’t be tempted to take such decisions because it’s fun. Wait! Wait for the right one who’s just meant for you…

The one who will choose you, above everything under any circumstances. 

The one who will always make efforts to see you happy. 

The one you will love to be with, everytime and everyplace, not just today but for the days to come. 

The one who will travel with you through all your nightmares and be genuinely interested to know everything, including but not limited to how was your day.

The one who will stand by you when even your shadow isn’t around.

The one who will accept you the way you are with all your virtues and vices. You will never have to pretend in front of them because they love you for who you are.

The one who will figure out that you are not fine even when you are laughing out loud.

The one who will make an effort to understand you when you both aren’t on the same page. Because love is choosing conversations as a way to solve conflicts.

The one who will read your silence when you feel out of words.

The one who sees the hell inside you even in your best days and heaven inside you even in your worst days but still doesn’t judge you.

The one for whom you are a priority and not just an option that suits their schedule.

Lastly, the one who makes you love yourself a little more each day when you both are in a relationship.

True love is when you can be yourself with someone. You don’t have to pretend,to impress them or to persuade them to love you. It’s about walking together, neither ahead nor behind in every aspect. When there’s mutual relationship, efforts has to be equal. With the right person, it is not a fairytale fantasy but a beautiful reality. You won’t be imagining how beautiful life would be with them but living it every moment.

Don’t be so desperate to drink from every cup. Wait! Wait for your kind of tea, one that may not be perfect without any flaws but quintessential for you. The one who is meant for you will never make you think twice about the relationship. 

So if you are in a relationship, ask yourself do you spend more time with your thoughts imagining the kind of life you’ll have together or living every moment happily with your special someone? Are you in a love fantasy or a beautiful reality? In reality, love is not a one time fairytale romantic movie like Valentine’s day but your lifetime story that has all of you, the wisdom and the flaws, the good and the bad and stays close to your heart because it’s a part of you and has your life. The one who sticks by you through thick and thin and has you on top of his priority, keep him. That’s what love is.

Moving on…

With Valentine’s just around the corner, let me talk about accepting rejection and moving on happily. It’s hard to know that people don’t believe in second chances. They feel there’s nothing left. They believe love can happen only once. Few think they are superior and how can she/he reject me? And then they try to harm and hurt them. Why? Why can’t we simply accept it and move on happily. If you love someone, irrespective of whether they love you or not, you will never hurt them or insult them. Because that’s what love is. It’s sad to hear that few attempt suicides because the so called person they love, dumped them. I mean that’s it? That’s how important your life is? Your parents have raised you up dealing with lots of difficulties and you give them this? Is it fair? If you can’t love yourself, no one can love you either. They haven’t rejected you they just have other choices and you just don’t fit in there, in their world. That’s it. Just accept that and move on! Who knows someone better out there is waiting to meet you, somewhere someone is wondering how wonderful it would be to have someone like you in their life. Second chances does exist. First love isn’t final. Who knows you meet your true love after your first relationship. If you want that longlasting true love then you got to have some patience and not drink from every cup that’s offered to you in this relationship seeking world where people just want to jump into relationships to have someone to show off or feel important and secure because they love the idea of being in love rather than loving someone. Love is far from a beautiful fantasy and more of a bitter reality. Love is superior, neither you nor them, so keep your ego aside. If someone says “No” don’t be disappointed or angry. There’s nothing as such that says they can’t reject you. It’s just that you don’t fit in their world. Don’t water the dead flowers or pluck them. Accept it and move on. Let them be happy in their life and you be happy with your life because the person who is meant for you won’t leave you and would make every effort to make you happy, understand you and be with you. 

The wait for how long?

Usually I am very stoic & patient,  But of late I’m really worn-out.  My zest has reached an expiry date.  My optimism has changed to pessimism & I don’t feel any “life” in me. Maybe I’m living dead. No that’s not because of broken dreams or unrequited love. It’s better to die with an heart attack than slow poison you see? You know I have been waiting for so long.. Feels like ages in the hope of at least something to happen & some dreams to become reality. This is tiresome. It kills you slowly without making you “free”. Nah not complaining, you know I am a stubborn heart, I can still carry on the journey of a thousand miles forbearing. And don’t be mistaken I have given up. But I would really like to know until when? The wait …. for how long? for how long?

The dilemma

Don’t fear if at all this path will take you anywhere. Often paths are interwined. You never know which path will take you to your journey and which journey to your destination. This is an amazing opportunity bestowed upon you so that you can separate the wheat from the chaff while you are going through bad times and become wiser when you reach your destination.
So when you are at crossroads, don’t worry. This uncertainty and confusion will eventually lead you to a path of clarity.